Central Mongolia

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The Central Mongolian trip will offer you both cultural and adventure tours. Highlights of this trip will be Mongolia’s oldest Monastery ErdeneZuuHiid and Takhi, seeing Mongolian Wild horses, Orkhon Water Fall,Terkhi White Lake, Tsenkher hot spring and Ogii Lake

Tour code:SMT- Central Mongolia

 Route: Mongol Sand dune- Khar-Khorin -Orkhon Water Fall- Terkhi White Lake- Tsenkher hot spring- Ogii Lake and Mongol sand dune village

Duration:9 nights/10days

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            Day         Destination             Highlights
           01 Drive to the Mongol sand dune Explore the “Mongol” sand dunes, the “Khogno khaan” mountain and the ruin of “Ovgon” temple and will ride camel for a short time
            02  Kharhorin village where you will see the Erdene Zuu Monastery Erdenezuu Monastery ,Ancient Karakorum ,Stone Turtles,Phallic Rock,Great imperial map Monument
           03    Orkhon water fall Water fall
           04    Terkh White Lake Terkh White Lake is very rich of fish ,animals and many species of birds.


           05     Terkh White Lake Horse trip to Khorgo Volcano
           06     Terkh White Lake Continue horse trip around the lake.
            07     Tsenkher Hot Spring. Hot Spring.
            08        Ogii lake  Ogii lake through Khar balgas and Turkish kultugen monument.
             09      Hustai national park Will see Mongolian Wild horses
             10    After lunch, back to Ulaan-  Baatar