Orkhon National Park

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There are many rocks and boulders around the river as well as some waterfalls like a small waterfall with 4-5 m height and the Ulaan tsutgalan waterfall biggest in Mongolia at a height of 26 m. The Orkhon river Valley has been protected since 2006 as a National Park.

Tour code:SMT-Orkhon NP

Route:Ulaanbaatar-Kharkhorin city-Orkhon water fall-Tsenkher Hot Spring-Ugii lake-Mongol Sand Dune -Ulaanbaatar.

Duration:6 nights/7 days

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         Day        Destination        Highlights
        01 Ulaanbaatar Gandan Monastery,Sukhbaatar Square,National History Museum,Natural History Museum ,Visit to the Department store,Sukhbaatar square
       02 Kharkhorin city Erdenezuu Monastery ,Ancient Karakorim ,Stone Turtles,Phallic Rock,Great imperial map Monument
       03 Orkhon water fall Orkhon waterfall formed 20.000 years ago after a unique combination of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions..
        04 Tsenkher hot spring The hot spring
        05 Ugii lake


The lake lies on a wide valley in the highlands  surrounded by high mountains. It is an ideal place for ornithology, photography, fishing and horse riding.
       06 Mongol sand dune Explore the “Mongol” sand dunes, the “Khogno khaan” mountain and the ruin of “Ovgon” temple
         07 Ulaanbaatar Zaisan hill Memorial, Buddha Park,Bogd Khaan Palace Museum,  visit to the Cashmere Department store