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Flowering trees for the summer

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Summer without blooming flowers is not summer, and the display should include trees that bloom in summer. Although spring is the time when many trees bloom, many tree species bloom in summer. If you want to know what blooming trees are there in summer, please read on. We will select the best summer flowering trees for you.

Summer blossoming tree
What tree blooms in summer? There are so many varieties! Let's talk about purple flowers first. Jacaranda (Jacaranda mimosifolia) has fern leaves all year round, but in the summer, the breathtaking purple flowers bloom with gorgeous flowers. Its layered canopy makes Jacaranda a huge shade tree that can bloom and grow in the hot summer. The holy tree (Vitex agnus-castus) has a twisted trunk and a large, layered canopy. It is one of the most popular flowering trees in summer. This pure tree is known for its stunning purple flowers with long spikes, and it is delightful with its bright, flowering canopy from late spring to summer. This tree attracts hummingbirds and insect pollinators and requires little maintenance.

Blooming trees in summer
There is also a tree that blooms in summer that will produce purple summer flowers: crape myrtle (Lythraceae indica). In fact, a mature tree in full bloom is like a huge bouquet with many slender stems and purple, red, pink or white flowers on top.

Lagerstroemia is loved for its long and continuous flowering cycle, and it also provides gorgeous autumn leaves. This charming tree, often planted in the south, is resistant to high temperature, humidity and drought.

The best summer flowering trees

Among all the trees that bloom in summer, no one can bloom more unique flowers than the Cotinus genus. Smokebush (Cotinus atropurpurea) and smoketree (Cotinus obovatus) bloom from May to June with delicate and delicate flowers that look like a cloud of smoke. The leaves of the tobacco tree are green, and the leaves of the tobacco tree are purple-red. 

Are you ready to plant more flowering trees in the summer? Hibiscus (Hibiscus syriacus) is a small tree or large shrub that can grow to 12 feet (4 meters) high and half as wide. It produces classic hibiscus flowers with rich colors during the long blooming season starting in May, which lasts until summer.