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Tips for Choosing Upholstery

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Choosing the right seat for your family and lifestyle can be difficult...
Especially when choosing decorative fabrics. When we work on projects with our clients, we find that many people have questions about how to make wise choices.

Whether it is linen, Crypton, leather or velvet, each decorative fabric has its own characteristics. Furniture should be an investment. To make the right decision when choosing interior decoration, you must first understand your choice.

We have compiled a guide to some of our favorite upholstery fabrics to help you determine the best fabric for you!

The following are some of our preferred choices for upholstery fabrics:

The first request we get from our customers is that they want their living space to be child- or family-friendly. Trust us; we get it! You don’t have to wait for your peanut butter fingertips to appear on your new white sofa; this is where Crypton comes in.

We call Crypton fabrics the gold standard for performance fabrics. It not only has anti-fouling, anti-odor and antibacterial functions, but also contains no harmful chemicals, making it a perfect family-friendly fabric.

Leather is also a great option for family, friendly spaces. It ages well, it’s durable, and it’s easy to wipe spills off of. Even when the leather starts to get natural scratches, it’s still pretty. Plus, when you choose natural leather, you can often rub out the scuffs with your fingers. We love using leather because it’s classic, strong, and blends well in almost any space.

In our upholstery collection, we use natural leather for its feel and look. Sometimes when leather is processed, it can feel plasticky. However, natural leather is soft to the touch and wears down much better over time.

Linen is one of our favorites for its natural texture, relaxed look, and premium feel. Not only is it incredibly comfortable, but it is also breathable, durable, and hypoallergenic l, making it a great choice for bedroom and living room furniture alike.  

Linen is less stain-resistant than our performance fabrics, so it may not be the best choice for kids’ spaces. 

Performance linen  
If you love the look and feel of linen but are looking for something a bit more durable, performance linen may be your match. With the same relaxed look and feel of linen, performance linen is also stain-repellent, easy to clean, and strong enough for high-traffic rooms. 

Although velvet is known as a more elevated fabric, it is also surprisingly durable! In addition, because of its texture, velvet has a way of disguising imperfections, making it a good choice for family living spaces. 

It’s soft, warm, and, most of all, beautiful in any space. We love using velvet to add an extra layer of texture, whether in an accent chair or an entire sofa.