Bird Watching Tour 14nights/15 days

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Mongolia is home to over 400 species of birds. Mongolia has a rich composition of bird species due to the migration routes from Pacific and Indian Oceans to the Mediterranean Sea and to the Arctic Ocean and northern tundra. The best seasons to visit are the migration times.

In the Gobi you may see the desert warbler, houbara bustard, saxaul sparrow, sand goose, finch, cinereous vulture and many more.

In the steppes: the gray demoiselle crane, a variety of hoopoes, odd eagle, vulture, upland buzzard, steppe eagle, variety of falcons including saker falcon, black kite and variety of owls and hawks.

In the mountains: ptarmigan, finch, woodpecker, owl, Lammergeyers, Altai snowcock.

In the Lakes: Dalmtian pelicans, hooded cranes, relict gulls and bar headed geese.

Tour code: SMT- Bird Watching Tour

Route: Ulaanbaatar-Terelj National park-Bayankhongor town-Boontsagaan nuur-Orog nuur-Altai mountains-Khongor Sand dunes-Yoliin am –Gun Galuut National park.

Duration:14 nights/15 days

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