Flower Wathching Tour

Category: Mongolia Tours

Flower is a brilliant present of kind heart. This tour is designed specifically for and nature flower lovers.

In flowering and Sunny summer time, you will enjoy the beautiful and romantic flowers dancing in the wind and bowing to you. You will Sense it like Eden where everything is fine and wild animals are so calm and friendly. You can feel that such nature gives people spiritual satisfaction and compassion.

Mongolia is home to more than 2823 species of plants, representing a mixture of species from the northern taiga of Siberia, the steppe and the dessert of Central Asia. Mongolian territory is classified in 16 geographic zones by its plant distribution.

Tour code:SMT-Flower Wathching Tour.

Route:Ulaanbaatar-Gorkhi Terelj-Khar Zurkhnii Khuh Nuur-Ulaanbaatar.

Duration:5 nights/6 days