Gobi tour 6 nights/7days

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This dune is considered one of the biggest dunes with it is length of 180 km and width of 3-5 km. The dunes make sound like plane engine in a windy day so it has been named as “Singing Dunes”.

Tour code:SMT- Gobi tour

Route:Bayanzag- Yol valley- Khongor Sand dune and Baga Gazriin chuluu

Duration:6 nights/7 days

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            Day       Destination      Highlights
        01 Erdenedalai village  Overnight in ger camp
        02 Drive to Bayanzag The granite rock
        03 Khongor Sand dune Gobi desert

Drive to Yol valley

A valley in the middle of the Gobi Desert
       05 Tsagaan suvarga  White stupa
       06 Baga Gazariin Chuluu –Rock Formations The granite rock
         07 Have Lunch on the way back to UB.