Kharakhorum/The Ancient Capital of Mongolia/

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In 1220 Chingis Khan decided to build the capital city of his vast Mongolian Empire at Kharhorum. Building was completed by his son, Ogedei Khan.  Erdene Zuu (The Hundred Treasures) was the first center of Lamaism in Mongolia.


Tour code:SMT-. Kharakhorum

Route: Kharhorum- Mongol sand dune

Duration:2 nights/3 days

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        Day           Destination        Highlight
         01     Kharhorum village Erdenezuu Monastery ,Ancient Karakorum ,Stone Turtles,Phallic Rock,Great imperial map Monument
          02    Mongol Sand Dune Explore the “Mongol” sand dunes, the “Khogno khaan” mountain and the ruin of “Ovgon” temple
         03     After Lunch, back to UB