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Here, Sky Mongolia tour  would like to introduce the most famous lakes in East Mongolia for you. Some of them are famous for their breathtaking natural beauty, some of them are scared places among local followers, and still some of them, renowned for their wide waters and abundant natural resources. Here we go.

Tour code: SMT-Mongolia lake tour.

Route: Blue Lake- Baldan bereevin monastery- Onon balj National park- Kherlen bars- Menen steppe- Buir Lake- Khalkhiin gol memorials- Ikh burkhant monastery- Ganga Lake- Shiliin bogd hill- Taliin agui- Avraga toson- Terelj National Park

Duration:16 nights/17 days

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Day Destination Highlights
01 Drive to Blue Lake which is named khukh nuur It is named khukh nuur
02 Drive to “Baldan bereevin” monastery Baldan bereevin” monastery was one of the three largest monasteries in Mongolia and home to 1500 lamas.
03       Rashaant had Rock carving through “Uglugchiin herem” ancient Qidan town
04 Drive to “Onon balj” national park through “Dadal” town It is believed   birthplace of Chinggis khan
05 Drive to “Kherlen bars hot” ancient Qidan town Ancient Qidan town
06 Drive to Choibalsan, the capital city of Dornod province Dornod province
07 Drive to “Menen” steppe border. It is very flat and beautiful spot of Eastern Mongolia. It extends over 200 km along the Chinese
08 Drive to Buir Lake It is located on the border of Mongolia and China.
09 Drive to Battle of “Khalkhiin gol” memorials The banks of the Khalkhiin Gol ,in the far eastern part of Dornod,are of particular interest to war historians because of the battles against the Japanese in 1939.The  largest memorial  is the 50 m Khamar Davaa.
10 Drive to “Ikh burkhant” monastery ruins through Sangiin dalai It is salt water lake.

Drive to Dariganga


 Dariganga land includes Ganga Lake and Shiliin bogd which is sacred by many Mongolians that the spirit of any man who climbs it, especially at sunrise, will be revived. The statue of Tooroi bandi, the Robin Hood of Mongolia


Drive to Taliin agui,

Taliin agui is one of the largest caves in Mongolia. If the ice covering the entrance has melted (it is normally covered until August) you can squeeze through the narrow entrance and the cave has seven chambers to explore. You’ll need a torch to see anything, and be careful on the icy floor.
13 Drive to Baruun-Urt, the capital city of Sukhbaatar province


Sukhbaatar province
14 Drive to Undurkhaan, the capital city of Khentii Province


Khentii Province
15 Drive to “Avraga toson” mineral springs


The mineral springs





Drive to Terelj National Park


Visit to the Turtle rock, Thousand Lama’s cave.Meet with a Mongolian herdsman’s family and explore the traditional methods of horse breeding
17 Drive back to UB