Mongolian tour 27nights/28days

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The Tavan Bogd is a mountain massif in Mongolia, on the border with China and Russia. Its highest peak, the Khüiten Peak is the highest point of Mongolia at 4374 meters above sea level.The Tavan Bogd massif is located mostly within the Bayan-Olgii Province of Mongolia; its northern slopes are in Russia’s Altai Republic, and western, in China’s Burqin County.

Tour code:SMT- Tavan Bogd Mauntain

Route:Central and North Mongolia- Telmen Lake- Khyargas Lake- Tsambagarav NP- Khurgan Lake- Khoton Lake- Altai mountains- Uureg Lake- and Uvs Lake

Duration:27 nights/28 days

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Day 1.  Start from UB to Mongol sand dune.

Day 2.  Kharhorin ancient capital city where you will “Erdenezuu monastery”.

Day 3.  Terkhi white lake

Day 4.  All day horse trip around Terkhi white lake.

Day 5.  Telmen nuur

Day 6.  Santmargats

Day 7   Khayrgas nuur

Day 8.  Tsambagarav Uul national park

Day 9.  Olgii hot see museum and overnight there

Day10. Drive to Khurgan lake and Hoton lake and sleep on the way with eagle hunter  Kazakh family.

Day 11.  Khurgan Lake and Hoton Lake stay with Kazakh family.

Day 12.  Drive to Ulaan hus

Day 13.  Drive to Altai 5 bogd and overnight behind Altai 5 bogd

Day 14.  Hiking to Altai 5 bogd overnight in Mountain side

Day 15.  Continue hiking Altai 5 bogd and hike back to Car overnight behind 5 bogd

Day 16.  Drive to tsagaan nuur.

Day 17.  Drive to Uureg Lake

Day 18.  Drive to Uvs Lake

Day 19.  Tes

Day 20.  Near tsetserleg

Day 21.  Moron which is the capital of Huvsgul aimag

Day 22.  Khovsgol Lake

Day 23.  Horse trip around Khovsgol Lake

Day 24.  Continue horse trip and Visit reindeer family.

Day 25.  Khatgal

Day 26.  Khutag Ondor

Day 27.  Amarbayasgalant monastery

Day 28.  Ulaanbaatar