Naadam festival 2016

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Naadam Festival is Mongolian major holiday and a wonderful time to experience the culture and people of this amazing land. Held every year in July and all Mongolians celebrate the three manly sports of horse racing, archery and wrestling. The festival registered with the Intangible Heritage Fund of UNESCO.

On 11-13 July 2016     

Tour code:SMT- Naadam festival

Route:Ulaanbaatar-Terelj NP- Naadam festival-Hustai NP-Kharakorum-Mongol sand dune-Ulaanbaatar

Duration:7 nights/8 days

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         Day         Destination          Highlight
          01      Ulaanbaatar city Gandan Monastery,Sukhbaatar Square,National History Museum,Natural History Museum ,Visit to the Department store,Sukhbaatar  square
       02      Terelj NP Visit to the Turtle rock, Thousand Lama’s cave.Meet with a Mongolian herdsman’s family and explore the traditional methods of horse breeding
       03 Naadam festival


Opening ceremony of Naadam Festival
      04 Naadam festival


Hui Doloon hudag (horse racing field) and wrestling , archery in the Central Stadium.
      05    Hustai NP Drive to 100 km                                                Will see wild horse
      06     Kharakorum city Erdenezuu Monastery ,Ancient Karakorim ,Stone Turtles,Phallic Rock,Great imperial map Monument
      07     Mongol Sand Dune Explore the “Mongol” sand dunes, the “Khogno khaan” mountain and the ruin of “Ovgon” temple
     08       Ulaanbaatar Zaisan hill Memorial, Buddha Park,Bogd Khaan Palace Museum,  visit to the Cashmere Department store